Making data count


Indicium by Bounty is a innovating company.

The Internet is a big place these days – email, web pages – it’s a place filled with data, with information flowing through fiber optics around the World.

What happens with “used” data and is there such a thing? – We see data as an asset – something that represents a value. The question is finding the connections so it can be used for progress.

Big Data is the common term for this kind of data..


Indicium by Bounty is dedicated to exploring technology in different aspects of society.

On the Internet we explore opportunities with information sharing in areas like web publishing and email traffic.

We look into how we can use data in optimizing daily processes and get the most out of emerging business opportunities.

It’s important to take a closer look at areas of business that are using data to automate functions in society and in the process save lives

Email and web pages are how we communicate

The Internet plays a big part in how we communicate. From email, to web pages, to blogs, to video calling to instant messaging.

The technology behind all this communication matters and keeps evolving. From automating client contact and advertising to driving our cars on the street.

Where is your company in this and are you using the data you have to optimize your business?

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